Yesterday I went with my girlfriend to the Zombie Walk Toronto. She got all zombied up and went as a Circus Ring Leader zombie. I chose to retain my secret identity as a mild mannered photographer, as I had three other photo shoots Saturday that would not appreciate my zombie persona.

Zombie Walk Toronto is an annual parade of zombies through the streets of Toronto was estimated to have attracted between 5000 and 7000 corpses writhing, weaving and lurching their way through the streets of Toronto feasting on those unlucky enough to be living.

There were many different zombie themes, too many to mention all of them here. Some of the zombies were popular music figures like Lady GaGa, Micheal Jackson, and Alice Cooper. There were Lego zombies, plenty of pirate zombies, political zombies, cute K-9 zombies, Toronto Maple Leaf zombies, medical staff zombies, and what group of zombies would be complete without the Star Trek red uniformed zombies. Along with the zombies there were also the security force that keeps the zombies in check that are member of the Umbrella Corporation. There were even random zombie hunters sitting in wait along the route.

The walk started at Trinity Bellwoods Park and headed East to Kensington Market in search for some fresh brains. Then the rough headed North to College street and west to Bathurst and North to Bloor. Once at Bloor, the walk headed west to the feasting place called Christie Pitts.

As I watched all these zombies, I thought of the zombies I see all the time marching into downtown Toronto office towers. These are the people who even after their first morning coffee, do not come alive. They are dreading their day in an office they do not want to be in.

I will be creating another blog later this week with links to some of all my photos from the zombie walk, but I have to work on the other photos I took Saturday first.

Meanwhile, the only zombies I see at my downtown Toronto office space are the ones heading into the kitchen for their first cup of complimentary coffee or tea. A large number of the people I see at my office space Toronto are entrepreneurs or running a branch office where they are their own boss. For the most part, these are people who are happy to be at their office rental Toronto.

Telsec Business Centres is happy to be zombie free since 1980