Best before dates

Over the past 20 years or so, best before dates have appeared on many products that our parents would have never thought had an expiry date. Spam and other canned products were the things we were told to put away during the cold war. now they have Best  Before dates. What changed?

Products like hand soap and disposable towelettes now have best before dates. What is next to have a Best Before date, toilet paper and paper towels?

These days, it seems that every product we consume, seems to have a best before date.  Some say this is a safety issue and that all products should have that best before date listed on them. I am starting to believe that some products are listing Best Before dates to force consumers not to keep them, but to replace them on a regular basis.

I have not yet seen any office space Toronto locations list expiry or best before dates, but that is only a matter of time.  I do not see the day that I find an Office Space for Lease Toronto with an expiry date, is the date that I will have to move my business.