I recently attended a business networking event and was surprised at the fact that fellow attendees were really interested in the address that companies had on their business cards.  My current business card does not have a mailing address on it.

While I am a writer and webmaster for Telsec, I am also a client. I have a shared office on the 18th floor at 1 Yonge Street. I did not think it was important to put a mailing address on my business cards for my company, but I was proved wrong at this business networking event.

Many of the attendees to this event wanted to know where I had my office.  I took this as a chance to do some research. I told half of the people who asked that I worked from my home and half I told that I have an office at 1 Yonge Street.  I recorded which potential clients I told that I work from home and the ones I told I had an office space Toronto at Telsec.  I got more calls from those companies who I told that I had my Toronto office space located at 1 Yonge Street than those that I told I had a home office. When I followed up with the companies who contacted me after telling them I had an office at a great downtown location, they told me that was the reason they choose to contact me.

When I surveyed the results, I found that people chose to contact my for my services because I had a prestigious business address.

You make your own choices. I know that I now have to tell my potential clients where my office is located. To learn more about Telsec and their office space solutions, contact them today!