I do not get a chance to go for lunch with clients as most of the correspondence is done by email and phone. But today a client wanted to take me out for lunch to discuss a new project they want to get going. Instead of a fancy eatery, they suggested burgers and I suggested Stampede Bison Grill. This place I have come to love that is  located just off Queen St. West at 5 Brock Avenue that specializes in, you guessed it, bison burgers. The burger menu offers a nice variety, aside from the bison and roast bison specialties. You can get beef, chicken, club and even veggie, all made the way you like with custom toppings. My favourite is the Bison Poutine with shaved roast bison over top of poutine with a mound of “real Quebecois” cheese curds and fresh hand cut fries.

The place has a compact menu of six burgers and sandwiches, two salads and the usual cast of side dishes and accompaniments, the most prominent item on the menu is, as would be expected, the bison burger. Lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than most other meats including lean meats like chicken and pork as well being high in protein, iron and vitamin B-12, bison meat is the new darling of carnivores across the land. Stampede’s menu touts the use of all-natural, Peterborough-raised bison meat reared with no additives, antibiotics, stimulants or animal by-products.

One thing this place is, it is not fast food. Once we submit our order, we probably wait a good 10-15 minutes for our meal – but it was completely worth it!!

My client loved the place and asked me about any other food places that were hidden gems. I told him that I do not get out much for lunch and often have lunch downstairs from my downtown Toronto office space in the 4th floor Toronto Star Cafeteria. This is true of a number of the other office space Toronto clients I know. There are plenty of restaurants near the Toronto Star Building, this one is the most convenient and the food is really good, besides being priced well. A few times that I needed to have a catered lunch in one of the Toronto meeting rooms, I was able to arrange catering through the Toronto Star cafeteria.