Toronto office Space with a view

Toronto office Space with a view

Many Toronto office space locations have two temperature setting, hot or cold. In the winter months, you are dying to get out and get some fresh cool air and in the summer you are wanting to get outside to warm up.  In other Toronto offices for rent, you can go from one end of the office where it is warm and at the other end its cool.

Telsec’s computerized climate control system helps to keep your office comfortable year round. With multiple heat sensor throughout the facility, the temperature is kept at a constant comfortable setting.

I recently had a meeting at another  downtown office. While it was a well laid out office space in Toronto, different areas of the office seemed to be different temperature zones. The reception are was quite warm and did not seem to have air conditioning, but when the door opened a nice breeze came in through the door. When I was shown to the meeting room, I began to wish I had taken a jacket with me. After the meeting, I suggested that the next meeting should be at a boardroom at the office space in Toronto that I use.Yes, (as I have mentioned before) while I am write this blog for Telsec Office Business Centres, I am also a small office rental client.

For the past two years that I have rented and office at this office business center, I have seen primarily the same office clients. The turnover of office renters is surprisingly low, I have seen some companies downsize to smaller office spaces and other smaller companies expand and take more offices and executive corner offices.

This weekend I will going camping for 5 days. Most of my clients know that I will be away and I will not have my phone on. When clients who do not know that I am away call my number, they will be told by the professional office receptionist that I am away and transfer my calls to my internal voice mail. The receptionist can also transfer more urgent calls to my cell phone.  The only thing I will miss about work while I am away, is my comfort controlled Toronto office space.