I was at an event over the weekend and someone asked me where my office was located, so I told them at 1 Yonge Street in the Toronto Star building.  They replied “Wow you have an office there! Isn’t that expensive?”  All I could say was “NO not really” I explained to them that my Toronto office space was a business centre that offered a wide range of office space options, including virtual office space in Toronto.

This got them asking more questions. I told them that I originally signed up for a Toronto mail service with Telsec, so that I could get my business mail at a prestigious address rather than a post office box which sounds unprofessional. As I found myself needing a physical office, I then rented a shared office space that gave me access to boardrooms and modern office equipment like photocopiers, fax machine, and even a colour photo copier/printer.

Finally after talking to them for 20 or thirty minutes, I realized that I should have just given them the website for my Toronto office space at Telsec www.Telsec.net. I should carry around some Telsec business cards. It is amazing how many people I meet that would have never thought that business centres were an alternative to a small office space in Toronto.

Have you looked into your Toronto office space?