World Cup Finals was the buzz in the office today, not vuvuzelas. All the talk around the coffee machine at my Toronto office space today seemed to be about the World Cup final and the Spanish win. While some office space tenants were talking about this octopus that had predicted the winners of  all the important games, others want that octopus to help them pick their Lotto Maxx numbers.

As I was getting on the elevator to go for lunch, I overheard someone say that they were going to miss the sound of all those vuvuzelas.  The thought of never hearing that again was all that went through my mind. I just hope that people do not start bringing them on mass to Argonaut football games.

I was meeting with a client this afternoon at the shared office space that he utilizes. Unlike the Toronto Shared Offices that I have, he did not have a receptionist answering his calls, he did not have access to boardrooms or meeting rooms and he did not have complimentary coffee.  We had to go down to a food court of another building two blocks away to get a coffee.  I told him that next time he should meet with me at my Toronto office space.