I had lunch today with a commercial real estate broker that I attended high school with. She told me that the change in the economy has changed the way that businesses look at office space in Toronto. In past economic downturns, growing businesses would look for deals on class A properties to enhance their look and image, but todays up and coming businesses are passing on unserviced office space in favor of Toronto executive offices. They want a space with office services Toronto that does not require them to have to worry about leasing office equipment or buying office furniture.

Businesses do not want to sign long term office space agreements that lock them in for several years. Businesses want the flexibility to grow and change their workforce size without having to break leases. Todays businesses do their homework and do their office search Toronto research. They look up office space Toronto and find business office centres like Telsec.

The advantage of a business office centre is that that they offer serviced offices Toronto with complete office solutions for businesses of all sizes and structures. Entrepreneurial businesses to multi national companies can utilize business centers for short or long term tenancy. Businesses use Telsec’s office spaces in Toronto for a downtown Toronto office space presence without the cost of a conventional downtown office space.

For many it is the option of having Toronto meeting rooms at their disposal in a core location that attracts them, for others it is the many options and services that a Toronto business office centre offers. Having a team of professional office staff available to assist them for various secretarial and administrative duties without having to hire them as staff, works well for most businesses who are just starting out or exploring new markets. Often when a company is relocating and is in need of Toronto office space that is ready to go, they choose Telsec.