In an uncertain economy, most companies prefer not to sign a long term lease or agreement on office space. Why not have a Toronto office space that is cheaper than a number of Toronto leased office spaces, without the lease. Yes, longer term agreements can save you money with Telsec, but we also offer great monthly prices.

Business expense savings are immediately seen by companies who choose Telsec’s Toronto office space for rent, when the cost of telecommunication equipment become almost zero. At Telsec, your company does not have to worry about the cost of acquiring telecommunications equipment. Your Toronto office rental includes a modern telephone system.

If having an office space in Toronto with a free telephone system is not enough, what about a furnished office space that includes a receptionist? One of the biggest expenses your company may have, is the cost of having someone answer your phones. These days, clients do not want to get an automated attendant, they want a real person answering their call. Your company will stand out from your competition, when your clients are greeted by a live receptionist.

Your company should not just choose any office space in Toronto for rent, your organization need office space that work for you in Toronto. Why not join the many companies who call Telsec Toronto office space “My Toronto office”? Contact us today to learn more about our office spaces or to book a tour of our offices.