Pair of Tickets to Bills in Toronto

Telsec – Office Space Toronto is giving away Club Seats to see the Bills in Toronto as the Grand Prize in the Red Stapler Scavenger Hunt.

Today an office space Toronto clients asked “Why give away Buffalo Bills tickets and not Grey Cup tickets?” when referring to the Red Stapler Scavenger Hunt contest that Telsec is holding on Facebook ( That was a very good question.

When Telsec decided in late August to run a contest on Facebook to promote its Toronto virtual offices and Toronto office space, one of the first things that needed to be decided was what the prize was going to be. Telsec had previously given away a $200 gift card to the Keg restaurant in its first Facebook contest, so the prize had to be bigger. The theme of the contest was going to be a homage to the movie “office space” by asking visitors to find Red Staplers that were hidden on the website ( So, giving away a bunch of Red Staplers as a secondary prize was a no-brainer. Telsec still needed to figure out what the the grand prize would be. Finally, the idea that came about was tickets to a football game. Not just any football game, but the 100th Grey Cup that was being held in Toronto. The only problem was that the Grey Cup had been sold out for a few months.

Since management still wanted to give away football tickets, the next best thing was to buy a set of tickets to the Buffalo Bills NFL game in Toronto against the Seattle Seahawks. They did not want to give away just any pair of tickets – they had to be VIP Club Seats in the 200 level overlooking the 50-yard line. This was a “great alternative” said the office space Toronto client who had made the inquiry.

When another office space Toronto client overheard that Telsec was giving away football tickets, he was ecstatic until he learned that it was North American football and not his beloved European football (that we call soccer). He was told that he should go on the Facebook page and suggest that prize for the next contest that Telsec will be running in the next few months. In fact, Telsec should run a poll and see what other types of prizes it should look into for the next contest or promotion.