The World Cup was won by the team that did the job on the field. The Spanish fans took over College Street and even took over a streetcar. This almost rivaled the G20 protesters.  If the Dutch team won the Word Cup, Toronto would have been littered by wooden shoes or Marijuana plants.

Yes, many in Canada will celebrate the World Cup win by Spain, but they will never celebrate a Canadian win because it will never happen. Most people in Canada think hockey is our sport, the most played game in Canada and around the world is soccer. In previous world cup qualifiers, more Canadian supported the rival teams from Europe or South America than the home team. This was because soccer fans support the team they most identify with and the countries who support the game. In Canada we let all our top soccer talent go to other countries once they reach 18 years of age.

When it comes to business, my downtown Toronto office space supports business. Their dedicated team of professional support staff each have a favorite football team they support, but when it comes to client support, the flags come down.  It is great to have a team behind my business that works to help my business succeed.