For the past few hours I have been noticing Google and Twitter trends and the one that seems to be picking up a lot of steam is #Facebook Event.  I have no clue what this is, but it sounds like something big is about to happen with Facebook.  I guess I will just have to tune in and find out.

I am happy that the Internet speed at my Toronto office space is fast.

What a bust of a news conference, it was just a whole bunch of buzz so Facebook could announce some new features. The problem was that with so many people logged into the live event, the video and audio was choppy and at time not understandable.All in all, the two announcements were nothing earth shattering in the world of social networking.

Although, I can see it being useful for sharing social interests with my business acquaintances who are on Facebook. It could also help me to plan gatherings and networking events in the Toronto meeting rooms at my office space for lease Toronto.

The first things they were talking about were the launch of a service that would allow you to download all of your information stored on Facebook and keep a copy of it on your computer. I guess this is for people who want to keep it after they delete their account. The press conference really did not give any really good answers why people would want this, but I guess some do.

The second part of the announcement was the introduction of Facebook Groups. This would allow you to create and invite friends to join groups of up to 250 people to talk and share thoughts, without having to share that info from the rest of the people on your friends list, unless they were invited to join the group. The idea behind this feature had some merit. According to their research only 5% of the over 500,000,000 Facebook users separated the relationship types they have with each of their friends or family (IE casual friends, high school friends, college buddies, co-workers, business aquaintances and so on). So these new groups will help people filter the information they want to share with certain people who have been invited by them or by another member of the group.