When I moved into my new apartment back in the summer, I held off ordering cable right away. I did not watch much TV when I had cable, so why pay for something I did not watch. There was some TV shows that I did watch and like, but I quickly discovered that I could watch my favourite shows on the Internet.

Just in case you were thinking that “The office” was one of those shows, you would be wrong. Just because the theme of this blog is about office space Toronto, that does not mean that I watch The office. In fact that TV show is nothing like my Downtown Toronto office space. Unlike the TV show my Toronto private office does not have the office politics and drama.

Being my own boss, I set the hours that I go into the office and when I perform certain tasks. One of the other benefits of watching my favourite shows over the internet is that I can watch them when I want and where I want. Just the other day I realized that I had not watched the latest 2 episodes of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. So I was able to go to Global TV’s web site and watched both episodes that I missed, back to back.

This morning while I was sitting in my Toronto private offices between meetings, I was able to go online and watch Undercover Boss, the episode where the CEO of Lucky Strike Bowling goes undercover in his own company. I had no problems with watching the show because I have a really fast Internet connection at my Toronto serviced office that is up and running fast 99.99% of the time.

While I do not have as good of an Internet connection at home as I do at my office, I still enjoy my favourite shows with very little pauses or slowdowns, without needing to have cable television.