Many of my friends know that I write this blog and those who know that I do know that I am a big supporter of my office space Toronto. They know that I am very happy about and love my Toronto office space, some have even looked into why I love my downtown Toronto office space. Yes, a few have even followed me and also rented Toronto office space from Telsec.

This week one of my friends brought up the subject that Conrad Black ┬ámay be returning to Canada shortly. My friend pointed out that Conrad Black will not be returning to his prestigious 10 Toronto street office when he gets back to Toronto. but he will need an office space in Toronto. My friend went on to ask if Conrad Black will be looking for office space Toronto at 1 Yonge Street. My only reply was “Who would not want a Toronto office space at the number one address on Canada’s most famous street?”.

If and when Conrad decides to take a prestigious corner office downtown Toronto, he will have one of Canada’s most famous addresses. In addition, he will have a serviced office Toronto that is one of the best in not only Toronto, but also the GTA.