While there was snow on the ground, we sorta had a white Christmas. A true white Christmas would have been if snow had fallen Christmas eve. I find it ironic that some US states that are south of us experienced snowfall that crippled their roads. Take North Carolina and other parts of the South, where a rare white Christmas came with reports of dozens of car crashes. The US Northeast is expected to get the brunt of the storm. Forecasters have already issued a blizzard warning for New York City. It was not until I saw a TV in a store showing images of the US snow storm that I heard of any extreme weather.

As I drove downtown to do some Boxing Day shopping, I noticed the skies were blue and there was very little cloud covering. Not being able to find any parking near the Eaton Centre, I decided drive down to my office space Toronto to park my car and in my reserved indoor parking spot and walk up to the Eaton Centre for some Boxing Day shopping.

When I got to Toronto’s Eaton Centre, I found that some shoppers descended on the mall starting at 8 a.m., some travelling more than an hour to be there when the mall opened.  This might explain the parking dilemma that I had previously encountered. I fought through the crowds and came up empty on finding what I wanted, but I did get to admire the TVs that even at Boxing Day prices, I still could not justify spending $1000 on a 50 inch TV.

The images on the TV got me to start thinking. With this storm making its way up the Atlantic coast, it will not be long before the weather changes here. I have already planned how I can get down to my downtown Toronto office space in the event of a major snow storm here. Right outside my front door is a bus stop, the bus that travels my route takes me directly to the subway. Once on the Toronto Transit, I can be delivered right in front of the Toronto Star Building and into my Toronto office space. Alternatively, I can work remotely from home and my clients will think I am in the office. I just need to call my receptionist and arrange to have my calls routed to my home after she greets my clients. That is another benefit of having office services Toronto at Telsec.

Now that I have had a small break from Boxing Day shopping downtown, I am heading back out to the suburbs to do some additional sale shopping in the big box stores, hoping that some of the good deals are still to be had.