Tiger Woods has not been seen since the US Thanksgiving weekend when he drove his Cadillac Escalade into a tree just outside his Florida home.  He  has been said to be hiding in places everywhere from Arizona to South Africa. Now the latest Internet rumours has all of Mississippi buzzing. It seems that several Web sites have claimed that the golf star is undergoing rehabilitation for sexual addiction at a respected clinic in the southern Mississippi town of Hattiesburg.

Of coarse officials at the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction  Services  facility will not confirm or deny that Tiger is a client. To do so would be not only a breach of his privacy but unethical.  The worst thing a business could do would be to breach the privacy of its clients.

Another rumor that I heard was that Tiger is holed up somewhere in Toronto and has a phone answering service at Telsec Business Office Centres. When I contacted the staff at Telsec, they would not confirm or deny that he had been using their services. They would only say that their clients information was confidential.

At Telsec the only information that callers are given about a client is the information that the client has provided as public information in their profile. The Telsec staff will not answer any information about a client whose phones they are answering, unless the client specifically states what information can be given.  This works especially well for virtual office clients who do not have a physical office, but want their customers to believe they have an office. Many telephone answering clients will have Telsec answer their calls and transfer them to an external number like a home office or cell phone or have their calls directed to voice mail after the live receptionist answers the call.

I know if I was Tiger, I would have a virtual office Toronto at Telsec to have a prestigious business address without anyone knowing if I was there or not.

Besides all that, at Telsec the coffee, tea and filtered water are always complimentary.