I was out visiting my girlfriend’s family in Oshawa this weekend. My girlfriend has a friend who lives in Australia, her father brought up the point that there is no call for help in Australia like the one a year ago for Haiti.  One fifth of the state of Queensland is flooded and out of contact with the rest of the continent. Power lines and telecommunications are down. More people are effected in this disaster than Haiti, yet the rest of the world is not scrambling to help. While Australia does have the infrastructural to help these people in the short term, aid is needed to help them rebuild and get their lives back.

Farmers have not just lost this years crops, but the soil that would have supported crops for years to come. Home owners not only lost their homes, but in many cases lost their family heritages. These are not things that time will bring back. Australians can only count on insurance for so much help, they need the rest of the world to show them we care.

In times of natural disaster, we are often asked to donate goods and products to help those in need. In this case it would not be a cost benefit to donate goods. We are better off donating money to the Australian Red Cross. (https://www.redcross.org.au/)

There will be a can on the reception desk at my office space Toronto starting this week to send funds to the Australian Red Cross. These funds will help the flood victims with lodging and food until they can return to their homes.

Relief for the Australian flood victims is not yet a world concern because Australia is considered a first world country, but a disaster of this size it beyond what a country of this size can handle. They need our help.

I do not know what I would do if we had the flooding here that they have. Would I be able to reach my downtown Toronto office space? Would my business be able to recover from that type of disaster?