Last week one of our regular office space Toronto blog contributors wrote a blog about his guilty pleasure being reality TV shows, and in particular Big Brother Canada. So he wrote a blog called “Big Data? What About Big Brother Canada or Office Space Big Boss Canada?”  He was proposing a fictional reality show called “Office Space Big Boss” where contestants would compete for a chance to have a corner office for a year. There was not too much public responses to the blog, even when we mentioned it on our Facebook page. But we did get a number of private messages with ideas for competitions and prizes for contestants – some were downright hilarious. We will be anonymously sharing some of them on our Facebook page soon.

But the reason for this blog is that one of our shared office clients was in the office using one of the boardrooms and ran into one of our staff members in the kitchen (while grabbing a complimentary coffee). He mentioned that he had read that blog and while he personally was not a fan of reality TV, he liked the blog and wanted us to consider another blog idea. He told the staff member that quite often, when he needed to take a break from working on what he was doing at his home office, he would indulge in his guilty pleasure for 15 minutes and play computer Mahjong. Another office space client overheard this and said that her break-time guilty pleasure was playing Spider Solitaire on her computer.

When the staff member mentioned the conversation to one of the blog contributors, the idea was hatched to poll our clients and followers as to what their guilty pleasures were when they needed to step back from what they were working on and take their mind away from business. So we decided that instead of asking people to expose their guilty pleasures to the world, we wanted to ask our blog, Google plus and Facebook followers to tell us the benefits they gained from their guilty pleasure breaks at work. The idea was for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help each other out while gaining knowledge and information from others. We’ll keep you posted.