While this guest blog is not exactly about office space or virtual offices, I just had to share an awesome idea with the followers of Telsec’s blog and social media channels.

I had a conversation with some other office space tenants today as I was getting my coffee in the 18th floor kitchen. The topic was “What is Canadian Food?” We all struggled with that and then later over a meal of Swiss Chalet (the Festive Special) I was inspired.

I have come up with the most awesome of Canadian food ideas! You are going to love this!

Almost every Canadian loves Swiss Chalet sauce (except my girlfriend and some others). Almost every Canadian loves bacon (except for those whose religious beliefs forbid it or are vegetarians). Almost every Canadian loves cheese curds made with Canadian Cheddar (except those who have never tried them). Almost every Canadian has enjoyed Poutine. (Note that I did not say love it, but I can tell you that it’s best made with PEI potatoes!). Almost every Canadian is stereotyped to love maple syrup. (You may love it, but it’s better when you make maple bacon candy!). My new Canadian delicious dish is … Wait for it…. is the anticipation killing you? I know you want to guess!

Poutine made with PEI potatoes and Swiss Chalet sauce (instead of gravy) with real Canadian cheese curds, and topped with maple syrup candied bacon!  (Vegetarian bacon could be substituted).

Does that not sound so Canadian and so awesome? Foodies unite and lets get this trend started!

I (Ian) am personally offering a reward (yet to be determined) to the first office space Toronto tenant, blog reader or social media follower who actually makes this dish and makes it amazingly awesome. I know I can cook, but I am limited in what I can prepare. Only you can make this dish awesome and popular. Good luck chefs!