Yesterday I was getting a coffee in the kitchen at my downtown Toronto office space when Tim (the guy in the office next to me) started talking to me about some guy he had heard on the radio.  He had just returned from Los Angeles for a conference with other branch office mangers. While in Los Angeles he was driving a rental car and came across KFI AM 640 radio station and started to listening to some guy named Bill Carroll. He really liked this guy and what he had to say. For twenty minutes Tim went on to tell me how this guy Bill Carroll was just great.

I mentioned that there was a guy I used to listen to in Toronto named Bill Carroll, before someone broke my car antenna and I was left with only my satellite radio. For the past few years my radio listening has been to Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge.  So I went into my office and went on the CFRB website to see if the Bill Carroll I knew was still there. When I did not find him there, I Googled him. The first link I found was a Toronto Sun article from February 12, 2010, that said Bill was leaving CFRB for Los Angeles.

Wow Bill Carroll is now on one of the top talk radio station in North America following Rush Limbaugh. I first listened to Bill over 25 years ago when he hosted Q107’s “Barometer”. When he left Q107 on the FM band to join its sister station  TALK640 down the hall, I followed him from FM to AM radio. He was also the same Bill that co-hosted the TV game show “Test Pattern” with one of his best friends, the late Dan Gallagher. A few years later, I followed him up the AM dial to CFRB 1010. It was not until my car antenna was broken that I was not able to tune in for my fix of Bill.

At home last night I just had to look more into what Bill Carroll was up to.  Sure enough he is on Facebook and he accepted my friendship this morning. As I am writing this blog, I am actually listing to Bill via the Internet. The topics may be different, but he is the same Bill Carroll that I used to listen to. His Canadian accent comes through strong, but I really miss when he would do his impersonation of his Scottish father with his Scottish accent.

When I get to my office space Toronto tomorrow, I will be sure to tell Tim that he can still listen to Bill Carroll on the KFI Website ( I am also going to ask Tim if he uses the boardrooms at the many office business office centers locations just like the Toronto meeting rooms, that he has access to by being a tenant at this Toronto office Space.