I think I may have had one of the worse weeks last week. I never thought I would look forward to a Monday. The week began with dealing with a plumber fixing the heating pipe leak, then waiting for the flooring guy to fix the damaged Parquet flooring who could not seal and finish the floor unless we could be out of the apartment for 36 hours due to the toxic fumes from the sealer. It would be easy for me or my roommate to be out of the house, but there is no where for my roommates cat to go for 36 to 48 hours that would make the apartment safe for the cat. So we have to wait to have the floor finished.  The drywall guy came on Thursday but will not be returning till Tuesday to sand the joints.  This leaves my apartment in chaos until all the work is done and I can put the furniture back in place.

Friday arrived and so did more problems. I was working on some Internet advertising, when my internet connection stopped working. After hours of dealing with my home ISP, they finally discovered that a technician working at the switching station had mistakingly removed our connection.  While the problem was being fixed, I found myself thankful that I was able to get back on track and keep on schedule by heading to my downtown Toronto office space to finish my work.

My weekend did not bring me any better news. I went to a party on Saturday for a friends birthday, but I had to go alone because my girlfriend was spending the weekend with her family. On my way home from the party I stopped at a 24 hours fast food restaurant to get a 2 AM snack. When I returned to my car it would not start. It acted like it was out of gas, but the low fuel light had not come on. So I took a streetcar a few minutes away to a gas station to buy a gas can and gas. I had to take a taxi back to my car because the streetcar driver would not let me on with a gas can. Even with the added gas in the tank my car would barely stay running beyond the initial turning over.  I stood at the corner of King and Dufferin for over 45 minutes until I finally was able to flag down a tow truck. $100 later my car was in my parking space at home.

This morning as I took public transit to Telsec’s executive suites Toronto where I have an office for rent Toronto, I got a call from a client who was supposed to meet me at my office at 9 am, but they were running late. This worked well for me, as I too was running late. I normally leave my apartment and get to my office space Toronto in less than 30 minutes by car.  I did not calculate on waiting almost 10 minutes for the bus to get to my stop and all the other stops the bus had to make along the route to the subway station.