This past weekend was the first long weekend of the summer. This is traditionally the weekend when most people make their first trip to the cottage and open it up for the season. This is also the time when many people try to figure out how to take advantage of having a cottage and spend as much time there. For many people the solution is leaving early on Thursday and coming back to the city on Monday. That is not always that easy, because they do not want to miss important calls from customers or potential new clients. We have all had those clients who tend to call near the end of the day on a Friday or the new potential customer who calls early Monday morning. In many cases these are not calls that should go unanswered, as they are very important to our businesses.

I do not have a cottage or a summer vacation spot, but I often like to make any summer weekend a long weekend and take to the back roads of Ontario and discover places that I have not been to before and routes that I have not traveled. There is nothing like finding a hidden gem of a spot to take photos or to enjoy fresh food at a farmers market or a roadside restaurant. It used to be that every time I took off from the office and onto the open road, I was always afraid that I would miss an important business call.

Taking a vacation or a long weekend became so much easier to do since moving my Toronto office space to Telsec Business Centres. At Telsec my business calls are handled by a professional receptionist, who not only answers my calls to my instructions, but also routes my calls at my specific instructions. If I know I will be out of the office during regular office hours, I can instruct the receptionist to route my calls to my cell phone or to wherever I will be. I could be on the road and for all my client knows, I am sitting in my office space Toronto at 1 Yonge Street. I can simply inform the receptionist that I will not be in the office and she forwards my calls to my cell phone. But I could also leave instructions with the receptionist to tell callers that I am out of the office and that I will be checking my voice mail.

With modern laptop computer equipment and advanced Internet connections like Wifi and cellular internet connections, you do not need to be in the office to access files on your office computer. You could be sitting on the dock of your cottage, remotely accessing your clients files on your office computer. Just be sure to cover the microphone on your phone when that pesky jet ski goes past, as it may be hard to explain those noises to a client that thinks you are in your downtown Toronto office space.