Office Space TorontoWith March Break coming to an end, there still seems to be fewer people in the halls of our Toronto office space. While there are fewer people, there are a few new younger faces around the office because some office space Toronto tenants have chosen to bring their high-school-aged children into the office to help them with some of their work. There are still those office-space tenants congregating in the 18th floor kitchen who are talking about three news stories that have an effect on Canada  and two of them are involving men seeking leadership roles named Marc.

It seems that that Marc Ouellet was not not selected as Pope and the fact Canada’s First astronaut Marc Garneau is dropping out of the race to lead the federal Liberal Party were most talked about during the afternoon. But the prevailing talk around our office space Toronto was that another Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield, will take command of the International Space Station at 5 PM today.

The reason I mention the interactions around the proverbial water cooler is that it is not always the news that Toronto office space tenants talk about in common areas. They also talk business and share ideas and strategies that will help each other. In a number of cases some office space for rent Toronto clients are actually clients or vendors of other office for rent Toronto because they meet and network in the common areas.

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, even some virtual office clients have found ways of creating networking opportunities with not only other virtual office tenants, but also with office-space tenants through our Facebook page and other social media outlets like LinkedIn and Google Plus. In the coming days and weeks, we will be encouraging more clients to become active in promoting their business profiles by talking with a freelance writer who will be creating “Client Profiles” for various office-space Toronto tenants and Toronto virtual office clients.