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Mail forwarding services

A Toronto mail forwarding service is an inexpensive program that provides you with a business address in the heart of downtown Toronto’s financial district – 18 King Street East, Suite 1400 – for only $30 per month. This service is ideal for your incoming and outgoing mail service. Through our mail forwarding service, we will redirect the mail you receive and any incoming faxes to your home address or to the address of your choosing at the additional cost of postage only.

  • 18 King Street East - Toronto Telsec Business Centre
  • reception virtual offices Telsec
  • 18 King Street East Courtyard - Telsec Business Centres
  • Professional business address for your own use – Downtown Toronto Financial District – 18 King Street East, Suite 1400: Included
  • Incoming/outgoing mail service: Included
  • Mail forwarding or redirecting client mail weekly (additional charge for cost of postage only): Included
  • Incoming fax: Included
  • Meeting Rooms, Boardrooms and Conference Space: Available at special membership rates
  • Training Rooms: Available
  • Private Offices: Available

When you are looking to upgrade from the mail service to our telephone answering and mail service, we can very quickly assign you your own business telephone number to go along. If you are looking to expand into office space, we will help you during your expansion and transition without changing your mailing address. Some additional benefits of being a mail forwarding service client is that we have meeting and boardrooms available to you at discounted rates. Our mail forwarding service allows you to stay on top of your business regardless of your physical location. Let Telsec handle your administrative needs while you focus on the growth of your business.

International Mail Forwarding Service

Our International Mail Service is a benefit to having a virtual office address with Telsec Business Centres. International virtual office clients receive a Toronto business address in the heart of downtown Toronto’s financial district – 18 King Street East (without having to rent physical office space in Toronto) for only $30 per month. An International Mail Service client can easily have any Canadian, International or otherwise mail sent to their Toronto mailing address at 18 King Street East, Suite 1400. Our International Mail Service team will repackage all the mail received on behalf of your business into one envelope on a weekly basis and then quickly forward it to your address of choice at the additional cost of postage only.

This is also a great benefit added onto VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocols) virtual office packages that gives international clients a local Toronto telephone number. Clients calling or receiving calls from their local 416 area code telephone number will have their customers believing that they are at their Toronto office space.

There is no additional charge for the International Mail Forwarding Service for Telephone and Mail service clients, telephone Mail service clients or to VoIP Virtual Office clients. The clients only need to pay for the cost of postage – Canada Post international mail rates or if the client prefers courier the rates charged by international couriers.

Contact our friendly staff today at 416.363.9035 or toll free 1.877.705.0707 to learn more about our Mail Services for your business for only $30 per month. For more information, please visit our Pricing Page.