Tips for building a productive virtual office

January 10th, 2016|Comments Off on Tips for building a productive virtual office

A growing number of companies are allowing their team to work remotely from home, but still wonder what they can do to keep their virtual team productive. If you, like many small business owners, choose to run your company from the comfort of your home, we have some tips for you to keep your virtual office place productive. The most important thing about running a virtual team is keeping the communication channels open and equal. To keep the communications that are most important flowing, you need to be organized and have a plan. Your virtual workplace needs structure to have good record keeping of communications that can be searched for later use, and so that you know what your team is doing. Some of the various tools that you would utilize in a physical office to keep communications flowing and records up to date, may not be the best for […]

Preparing your Virtual Office for the Holidays

December 22nd, 2015|Comments Off on Preparing your Virtual Office for the Holidays

More and more small businesses are running out of a virtual office, rather than physical office space. Companies large and small use virtual office situations so that employees can telecommute to work from where they live or even from a coffee shop. All mail and calls are routed through a central virtual office provider and forwarded to the appropriate person in the organization. But when it comes to the holidays, there may be something missing when it comes to only communicating online with management and coworkers. Christmas provides a great opportunity to build team morale and help alleviate one of the biggest issues for those of us working from home or a virtual workplace. People who go from a traditional workplace to a home based or virtual setting miss the feeling of being connected to the workplace through the relationships they have with other employees. The feeling of isolation is one […]

Top 10 tips for Starting a Business That Will Succeed

December 15th, 2015|Comments Off on Top 10 tips for Starting a Business That Will Succeed

A lot of people want to be their own boss and look to become an entrepreneur. But not every business idea will succeed. There are many reasons why a small business can fail, but we wanted to share some top tips that will help your small business succeed. While many of these tips are quite common and make sense, many entrepreneurs don’t follow these kinds of tips and wonder why their start-up did not take off. No business is successful in one day. Actually, almost no businesses are successful even after one year. 1) Is the product or service you want to offer, something that people want and is there a market for it? Too often, people jump into a business built around a product or service they think will be successful, rather than one that is already proven to have a market. It is important that you do your […]

Virtual Office or Brick-and-Mortar Office: Which is Better for Your Small Business?

December 3rd, 2015|Comments Off on Virtual Office or Brick-and-Mortar Office: Which is Better for Your Small Business?

There comes a time when every small business needs to move out of a home office, or at least have a professional business address. When that time comes for your small business, you need to decide if you want a virtual office or a brick-and-mortar office. In order to make this decision, you need to understand the value of both options and see what works best for your business. One of the first steps in deciding between a virtual office or brick-and-mortar office is to establish your needs and your budget. Do you want to spend $30/month for just a business address, $75/month for an address and phone service, $225/month for a shared office, $350/month semi-private office, $495/month for a private office or $900/month for an upscale window office? The next step is considering options if you need to meet clients in person. If you expect potential customers will be […]

Your Small Business can go Green with a Virtual Office

November 17th, 2015|Comments Off on Your Small Business can go Green with a Virtual Office

Your small business needs a business address, but do you always need a physical office? This is especially true if your company wants to reduce your carbon footprint and be greener. One way your small business can go green is with a virtual office. Thanks to technology, you do not always need to be chained to a desk to conduct your business. Even many larger companies are now allowing and encouraging their employees to work from home. This is mainly because of technology that allows employees to work remotely, and not have to take up large physical spaces in office buildings. There are now companies that do not have physical office space. Rather, they utilize the services of a virtual office provider to be the hub of their business as well as a centralized telecommuting centre. Consider how many trees are saved when businesses go paperless (or reduce paper usage) […]

The Professional Image Of Your Small Business Begins With You

November 4th, 2015|Comments Off on The Professional Image Of Your Small Business Begins With You

A small business can only look as professional as the people who are running them, your job as a small business owner is to project your own professionalism. If your potential or existing clients do not see you (the owner) as being professional, how do you expect them to see your company as being professional?

Making the Most of Your Virtual Office

October 15th, 2015|Comments Off on Making the Most of Your Virtual Office

Do you really know what a virtual office is? When was the first time you heard the term “virtual office”? I never heard the words until I started my first small business and could not afford an actual office. But a friend suggested that I might consider having a virtual office to look more professional than working from my home. With business rents throughout much of Canada and especially the GTA continuing to increase, the virtual office solutions seemed to be sensible alternatives to the high costs of renting office space, particularly during those precious early years when working capital was limited. I needed a business address that was not my home address and I needed to look professional. I spend days looking at office space rentals that I thought I could afford, but the out-of-the-way addresses did not look appealing on a business card. They also did not look […]

What Happens to a Small Business When it ‘Graduates’ out of Coworking?

October 1st, 2015|Comments Off on What Happens to a Small Business When it ‘Graduates’ out of Coworking?

An often talked about term in the coworking movement is “graduating” out of coworking and into your own space, but what if you are in need of more private workspace and are not ready to set up your raw office space in a traditional office building?

Evolving Technologies are Redefining What Canadians Look for in a Workplace

September 3rd, 2015|Comments Off on Evolving Technologies are Redefining What Canadians Look for in a Workplace

Technology has dramatically reshaped the average workplace in North America over the past few decades. The office environment of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is no longer the norm. Instead, the office and work environment has been taken over by rapid technological advancement. Technology now allows workers to interact with a global market, and even work from home or take work with them while on the road. Advancement of technology has changed everything in terms of how we work and where we work too. Evolving technology has opened doors for innovation, efficiency, research and further education. Technology has become an integral part of how we work and how we deliver our products and services to our customers. The influx of new technologies that has been making an impact on our personal lives has also affected our professional lives. It has greatly affected the way we conduct business and the […]

Why Your Small Business Needs Both Virtual Office and Cloud Office Solutions

August 27th, 2015|Comments Off on Why Your Small Business Needs Both Virtual Office and Cloud Office Solutions

We have often talked about the value of having a virtual office, but we have also discussed the virtues of having a cloud-based office too. Some recent events brought the two topics together and we knew we had to share them with our followers. Some are funny and others are not. A recent virtual office client told us why he decided to become a client with us – for security reasons. He had been running his online product sales business from his home and doing quite well at it, until a customer showed up at his door looking to make a direct purchase. He had put his home address as the return address on his packages, but did not think anyone would show up at his home. That is when he decided that he needed a real business address that was not his home address. Working from home, a coffee […]

Temporary Office Space During The Canadian National Exhibition

August 24th, 2015|Comments Off on Temporary Office Space During The Canadian National Exhibition

One of our virtual office space clients who lives outside of the city needed a ‘touchdown’ office space while he was vending at the Canadian National Exhibition. So guess who they called? It was a no-brainer – they were already using Telsec for their virtual office and mail forwarding service. The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is unlike most consumer product shows – because instead of a few hundred or thousand potential customers, companies can have their product or brand exposed to millions of visitors during this three-week event. Small business owners selling consumer products can not only get exposure, but they can potentially sell a great deal of their product at the CNE. According to Wikipedia “The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), also known as The Ex, is an annual event that takes place at Exhibition Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, during the 18 days leading up to and including Canadian […]

Is Telecommuting Right for Your Company?

August 17th, 2015|Comments Off on Is Telecommuting Right for Your Company?

More and more businesses are starting to experiment with telecommuting. Whether it’s a set day a week or a flexible schedule, new technologies now allow employees to stay connected even when they're not physically in the office space.

How Telecommuting can Work for Your Small Business, Even During Vacation Time!

August 5th, 2015|Comments Off on How Telecommuting can Work for Your Small Business, Even During Vacation Time!

Searching for office space for your growing small business? Why not consider a flexible executive office space for yourself and have your employees telecommute? You can also think about a virtual office solution for your small business and have everyone telecommute. According to World at Work, there’s been a substantial increase year-over-year in the number of workplaces offering teleworking. In the USA and Canada, teleworking is offered to 42% of the nearly 2,300 employers surveyed – up from 30% in 2007. Teleworking is listed among more than 20 programs to attract and retain employees, ranging from the most popular (a signing bonus) all the way down to paid sabbaticals. Telus (a major Canadian telecom) has found that teleworking can increase employee productivity by about 20%, after reviewing a pilot project where 170 employees worked from home. Besides increased productivity and morale, it also saved 14,000 hours of time in traffic! […]

Virtual Office Services Can Be Great For International Entrepreneurs

July 15th, 2015|Comments Off on Virtual Office Services Can Be Great For International Entrepreneurs

When international entrepreneurs are looking to open shop in Canada, they often will often look to an office business centre in the city that they want to open up shop in and make arrangements for an international mail service that will forward their mail to their home in the country they live. But what about that globe trotting entrepreneur that is exploring various places? The great part of having a centralize business address in Toronto at a recognizable and iconic business address is that it is a great place for international entrepreneurs to start up with in Canada. Recently, a new mail address client from Brazil, upgraded to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) virtual office solution because they not only wanted a Toronto business address, but they also wanted a Toronto telephone number that they could be reached at regardless of where they were traveling. Our client from Brazil […]

Pan Am Games and the effect on Toronto Small Business.

July 13th, 2015|Comments Off on Pan Am Games and the effect on Toronto Small Business.

Today’s blog was supposed to be about entrepreneurial trends and list some statistics, but instead we are going to talk about some issues that our office space clients are talking about regarding the Pan Am Games in Toronto. With the Pan Am games in Toronto, many of our office clients have chosen to either work from home or to take public transit to the office. This is mainly due to the added road congestion caused by the temporary HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes on the Don Valley Parkway and the Gardener Expressway. The intent of these lanes is to allow official Pan Am Games vehicles, buses, taxi cabs and vehicles with more than 3 persons to move along the roadways faster and avoid traffic. One of our office space tenants mentioned this morning that they would try using an Uber car to get to work, but they quickly found out that […]

Choosing What Kind of Office is Right For Your Small Business

July 6th, 2015|Comments Off on Choosing What Kind of Office is Right For Your Small Business

While building your business, you might have to make some decisions about what kind of office space arrangement is best suited for your organization and business model. Before you make these decisions, you not only need to know what your business needs are, but also what types of office situations are available to your small business. Maybe your small business is best run from home or on the road. You will still discover that you need a proper professional business address, preferably one at a prestigious business location. In that case, you may only need a virtual office arrangement that offers mail service for a low monthly fee. Your customers see that you have a real physical business address – and not just a home office or a post office box. Some small businesses need a little more than just as small business address at an office business centre. They […]

Alternative Office Solutions

June 24th, 2015|Comments Off on Alternative Office Solutions

What is an Alternative Office Solution? Simply put, it is a new type of office space design and philosophy that removes a lot of the headaches and expenses of traditional office space with much more emphasis on “collaboration space” – or as we like to call it “we space.” At first it was thought to be just a type of office space suitable for tech companies and young start-ups. Increasingly however, alternative office space is becoming mainstream with millennials actually preferring this new philosophy of office design. Typically, alternative office spaces are business centres – some sort of business incubator set-up where two companies “share” office spaces and leasing expenses often in traditional office spaces and/or co-working centres (which are basically business centres with less support services and business equipment provided by the centre). Another driving force behind the trend to alternative space is a changing workplace where employees are […]

Having Access to Virtual Office Services During the Pan Am Games Can Be Good

June 18th, 2015|Comments Off on Having Access to Virtual Office Services During the Pan Am Games Can Be Good

With the Pan American Games in Toronto July 10-26 and Parapan American Games August 7-15, traffic in Toronto is going to be chaotic. In an effort to avoid the traffic congestion and other crowding issues caused by the games, many of our office-for-rent tenants are asking about working remotely from home or somewhere outside of the city. Because Telsec offers remote working services to their virtual office clients, we are able to offer our office-for-rent clients options to work away from the office, while their customers believe they are in the office and it is business as usual. Try doing that in a tradition rental office! Instead of having their postal mail and correspondence delivered to their office when they are away, some office tenants are opting to pay a small administrative fee to have their mail scanned and e-mailed to them – similar to services offered to mail-forwarding clients […]

Ongoing Planning has Never Been More Important to Your Business Success

June 16th, 2015|Comments Off on Ongoing Planning has Never Been More Important to Your Business Success

Whether your business is home-based or a fortune 500 enterprise, no individual and certainly no business can predict the future. Especially in these volatile times, businesses must prepare for unforeseen circumstances and have a plan in place well in advance for disaster recovery. A shocking reminder of this is the Boston Marathon bombings. Not only did innocent people lose their lives with hundreds injured, all businesses in that area were forced to close down for an undetermined amount of time. And let’s not forget about the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Sandy along the U.S. east coast a few years ago. Home-based businesses and SMB’s working out of their home need to have a plan for building a business or creating a good job for themselves. If you only see your business as providing a job, then the plan is simpler than if you are going to grow into office space […]