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How to start a home-based wholesale or manufacturer distribution business

November 29th, 2016|Comments Off on How to start a home-based wholesale or manufacturer distribution business

Before explaining how to start a home-based wholesale/manufacturer distribution business, it is important to explain what a distributor is. Basically, a distributor is a middle person that serves to move product from the manufacturer to the market. While some distributors are retail and sell directly to end users, others are merchant-oriented and sell and move products from the manufacturer to wholesalers, that in turn sell to retailers. Understanding what is a wholesale business The practice of wholesale distribution is a true buying and selling game and can involve risk. It is a game that requires good negotiation skills, a nose for sniffing out the next “hot” item in the particular category you are known for, and good salesmanship to find the right buyers. The basic premise is to buy the product at a low price, then make a profit by tacking on a low enough dollar amount that it still […]

Why is Cyber Monday so important to small business E-commerce?

November 27th, 2016|Comments Off on Why is Cyber Monday so important to small business E-commerce?

So what is Cyber Monday? Basically, Cyber Monday is to online retailers what Black Friday is for brick-and-mortar retailers. These online events have been around for a decade and can help level the playing field for small businesses. According to Forbes, Cyber Monday online revenue for 2014 reached $2.68 billion – a nearly 20% increase over the totals in 2013. It is important to note that more than one-third of these purchases were made via mobile devices. This shows the amazing evolution of online sales. Lets go back to the beginning. According to Wikipedia, “Cyber Monday is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. The term was coined by Ellen Davis and made its debut on November 28, 2005 in a Shop.org press release entitled “‘Cyber Monday Quickly […]

Starting Your Home-Based Business

November 21st, 2016|Comments Off on Starting Your Home-Based Business

One of our office-space tenants who follows our blogs, asked us to do a blog series about home-based businesses because her husband took early retirement and wanted to keep busy at home. We want to first talk about the most profitable home-based business and what it takes to start one. Other topics in the series of posts will include: home-based retail (online); at-home wholesale and distributions businesses; and running a consulting business from home. Let’s start with talking about what are the most profitable and easy-to-start home-based businesses. Not surprisingly, the most profitable home-based businesses do not require a great deal of equipment, holding an inventory of goods or even renting office space. But you may want to pull out your calculator (or abacus) for the very top profitable home-based businesses. Yes, you guessed it, the most profitable home-based businesses you can start involve dealing with other people’s money. Forbes, […]

How Not To Kill Your Small Business

November 9th, 2016|Comments Off on How Not To Kill Your Small Business

We have all heard about business best practices. But what about things that you should not do if you want your business to thrive? Remember that having good business practices and not bad ones, will help prevent you from losing customers and from getting bad online reviews and negative comments. As we mentioned in another blog posting called “The Professional Image Of Your Small Business Begins With You”, we mentioned that a small business can only look as professional as the people who are running it. You can be perfectly dressed for the job at hand, but if you have a “pottie” mouth, or make racist or sexist remarks, you’re going to lose a lot of business trust and respect. Not answering your phone or allowing your business phone to be answered by a child, can kill your business reputation. There is never a good excuse for not answering your […]

Small business survival: The numbers don’t lie!

October 27th, 2016|Comments Off on Small business survival: The numbers don’t lie!

If you speak to people who know business statistics, you will hear them say that many small businesses will fail within the first five years. These facts are a contributing factor to people buying long-established businesses in order to gain a higher chance of success compared to a start-up. So what are the odds of surviving more than five years? There are government organizations who keep statistics on this. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “About half of all new establishments survive five years or more and about one-third survive 10 years or more. As one would expect, the probability of survival increases with a firm’s age. Survival rates have changed little over time.” These statistics are backed up by the Small Business Administration (SBA), who state that nearly 66% of small businesses will survive their first two years. What that implies is that only about one-third of […]

Small Business Owner Productivity Tips

October 25th, 2016|Comments Off on Small Business Owner Productivity Tips

There are plenty of terms that are touted around the business world like efficiency, but finding their meanings is not as easy as using them. So what do words like efficiency mean? If you Google efficiency, this is what you will get: “the state or quality of being efficient” and “greater energy efficiency.” Synonyms: organization, order, orderliness, regulation, coherence; More an action designed to achieve this. Plural noun: efficiencies “to increase efficiencies and improve earnings.” Technical – the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in. It is also short for efficiency apartments.* In your Google search you will also see what Wikipedia says: “Efficiency is the (often measurable) ability to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time in doing something or in producing a desired result. In a more general sense, it is the […]

Virtual Office or Virtual Assistant?

October 13th, 2016|Comments Off on Virtual Office or Virtual Assistant?

Many people ask what the difference is between a virtual office and a virtual assistant, because some websites and articles use them interchangeably or in similar context. This makes it difficult for an entrepreneur or a small business owner to determine what it is that they really need to help them with their business. In order to help you better understand the differences and similarities, we will first tell you what each is, and then explain how you can get the best of both services from one provider. The term virtual assistant, sometimes called a virtual office assistant (or VA for short), refers to a person who is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to clients remotely from their home office. Typically, virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, but some work with multi-VA firms that provide the services that the client needs. Virtual Assistants […]

Tips For Small Businesses To Appear Much Larger Than They Are!

September 22nd, 2016|Comments Off on Tips For Small Businesses To Appear Much Larger Than They Are!

Having one address at a prestigious location can be good, but what about having multiple location addresses with a 800 number to 1 location? Your small business can saves money and appears like have multiple locations for less than the cost of 1 office space with the 1 800 number meaning you only need 1 phone + address account. So how is this done? You can have virtual office locations with several Alliance business centers that are located around the world in over 80 countries. With several virtual office locations and a 800 number, your client or prospect will call you and ask to speak to the location nearest them, but the call will be forwarded to where you are working or to your Toronto head office location. When your small business has a live receptionist answering your calls with your business name, your customers believe that you are bigger […]

How to Negotiate For Lower Business Expenses

September 15th, 2016|Comments Off on How to Negotiate For Lower Business Expenses

Every expense that your small business has, ends up adding to your overall cost of doing business and can eat away at your bottom line. What is the answer? Lower your re-occurring costs by negotiating discounts and lower rates with your vendors. While small businesses have been cutting back on their spending over the past number of years, according to one report, costs for goods and services togrther can be has high as 28 percent of your small business’ budget, making those costs the second largest expense after payroll. It is true that some fixed expenses such as rent, office equipment and utilities can be more difficult to negotiate, but with the right amount of knowledge, you might find some alternatives or ways to get these expenses fixed. Knowing what your big expenses will be each month will make it easier to budget and allow you to focus on negotiating […]

With back to school coming, are you planning to start a new business?

August 11th, 2016|Comments Off on With back to school coming, are you planning to start a new business?

For students across the country, the lazy days of summer are coming to a close and a new school year is right around the corner. As an entrepreneur thinking of starting a new business, where to begin can be your biggest obstacle. In our previous blog Getting the Kids Back to School is a Reason to get Serious About Business, we talked about how many parents start thinking about their business when their children’s summer is about to end and the are going back to school. But what about those stay-at-home parents who do not yet have a business? Maybe it is time to start a home-based business that allows you to send the kids off to school and be home when they return from school each day. So where to begin in starting a new business? Do your homework No small business is guaranteed to be successful. One way that will improve […]

How to Gain Trust for Your Home-Based Business

July 19th, 2016|Comments Off on How to Gain Trust for Your Home-Based Business

As we mentioned in our previous blog “How to Gain Trust for Your E-commerce Business,” trust, in general, is the key to the success of your business. You not only have to build and maintain trust with your clients, customers and vendors, you need to have the trust of employees and freelancers. Some say that if you lose that trust, you may just as well pack up your business and go home. But what if your business is a home-based business? How do you gain trust? As business owners and marketers, the assumptions you make about your target customers and the purchasing motivations you think they may have, will have a powerful affect on the health of your business. As a small business owner, your reputation means everything and you cannot afford to damage your personal brand. But trust is also very fragile. If you lose it, it’s very difficult, […]

Office space versus a virtual office: Which is best for you?

July 12th, 2016|Comments Off on Office space versus a virtual office: Which is best for you?

There is no reason not to have an upscale professional business address. But you do not necessarily need to have a physical office at that particular location. Sometimes a physical office space is important to your business, but what if it is not? Let’s talk about the best options for your small business. There are a range of business address options to choose from, including traditional raw office space, serviced office space and virtual offices. But which one is the most flexible and cost-efficient fit for your small business? Many small businesses owners and entrepreneurs may not have the financial capacity to lease traditional physical office space and pay for the infrastructure that type of space requires. The cost of office furniture, telephone systems and other office equipment such as photocopiers adds up. This has caused serviced offices and virtual offices to increased in popularity, because small business owners want […]

Virtual Office Solutions for Opening a Canadian Branch Office

June 28th, 2016|Comments Off on Virtual Office Solutions for Opening a Canadian Branch Office

The two most common ways in which foreigners register to operate their businesses in Canada are through the registration of a Canadian branch or the incorporation of a Canadian subsidiary. When a foreign company is looking to expand its business into other markets, it usually just opens a branch office to test the waters – because the cost of registering a branch office with the government is less expensive than potential legal fees involved with incorporating a subsidiary. Having only a branch office allows foreign companies an easier exit from Canada if they do not see the results they were expecting in their expansion. Often companies looking to open a branch office in Canada will look to set up office space at a serviced office business centre where they are not tied to a long-term lease. Besides not needing to sign a long-term lease, companies benefit from serviced office providers […]

Why a Business Centre is the Best Solution for Opening a Canadian Branch Office

June 21st, 2016|Comments Off on Why a Business Centre is the Best Solution for Opening a Canadian Branch Office

Opening a branch office or other corporate or legal Canadian business type in Canada is much like starting your business all over again! You have an expansion plan; researched the best business “entity” for your business and decided upon whether to have a virtual office from your home or rent office space, warehouse or storefront. Then you have to set up a legal entity to do business under and to carry out setting up the business. All of these activities will require a Canadian address. Without a Canadian address, you are in bureaucratic ‘quicksand.’ The Virtual Office Options There is not much to consider when deciding whether a P.O. Box is appropriate over a virtual address because a P.O. Box is not a legal address for the purposes of incorporation or almost any legal business entity that a U.S.-based or foreign company can use. A Business Centre’s virtual office and office space services provide your business […]

Virtual Office Services Provide the Perfect Corporate Image

June 14th, 2016|Comments Off on Virtual Office Services Provide the Perfect Corporate Image

When you are starting a new business, you want to establish yourself with as much credibility and present the most professional image for your new business. Have a professional business address is one of the first steps in building your brand. Even if you cannot afford to rent office space when you first start out, a virtual office service can be a great place to start. Simply put, using a home address or a P.O. Box as your business address does not help in establishing your professionalism. These days, people are very weary of doing business out of a P.O. Box, because they worry that the business might disappear overnight. When you are trying to obtain business credit for your new venture, banks and other lenders will be more likely to take your application more seriously if they see that your business has a professional address. If you work from […]

How to use Offshore Resources

June 2nd, 2016|Comments Off on How to use Offshore Resources

While there is an abundance of outsourcing companies and freelancers in North America, sometimes, for more economical quality work, you may find your small business considering offshore contractors to fill your needs. When choosing to do business offshore, you need to consider the public relations implications. Some of your customers may find out that you use offshore resources, and this may in turn cause them to reconsider doing business with you. Whether it is having your website designed and built overseas, or having your call centre located in places like the Philippines, Jamaica or India, the cost savings for you and the customers you are serving can be great. Choosing the right provider in the right country is important, because some of the traditional offshore providers are no longer the least expensive option – and could even end up costing you more than what it would in local or other […]

A Guide to Virtual Workplace Technology

May 31st, 2016|Comments Off on A Guide to Virtual Workplace Technology

In today’s business climate, a lot of companies are looking to save money on renting office space and have employees work from home or remote locations that are not situated in prime real estate areas. The head office or primary work location may be at a prestigious address, but all the workers do not need to work from there. To successfully have remote workers, just having them working from home is not enough. You need technology to help manage a virtual workplace. You have to decide on which technologies you’ll want to use to help your virtual workforce communicate, hold meetings, share documents, manage projects and track progress. The best virtual technologies are “cloud-based” services. So, you do not need your own servers, and your workers can connect from anywhere and often from any type of computer or mobile device. As well, because the data is stored remotely, there is […]

Is a Virtual Company the Best Option for Your Business?

May 18th, 2016|Comments Off on Is a Virtual Company the Best Option for Your Business?

There are very few people who will tell you that they enjoy the morning commute to their office and the late afternoon or evening commute home, but what is the alternative? What about an office commute that’s as short as the walk from your bedroom to your home office? The idea of having a virtual office for a “solopreneur” is not a new one. For years entrepreneurs who wanted to work from home or on the road have used virtual office solutions to maintain a professional business address. Virtual office providers are not just a prestigious address and mail-drop location; they are, in fact, a professional image provider! When the professional live receptionist at your virtual office provider answers your phone number (as your company name), the person who is calling knows they have reached your office. Depending on the nature of the call, the receptionist can transfer the call […]

Suggestions on managing the virtual office revolution

April 26th, 2016|Comments Off on Suggestions on managing the virtual office revolution

In a previous blog Ways grow your Small Business quickly, we mentioned that one of the fastest ways to grow your business is by hiring virtual office staffers that you do not need to create office space for. To some companies this might be easy; but others have the fear of losing the ability to track employee progress. The trick to making it work is by having the right tools and constant communications with the remote team. Implementing a remote-workforce team allows you to source talent from any location, meaning you have access to the smartest, most capable workforce in your industry. This means that not everyone on your team needs to live within driving distance of your main office. In most cases, you will want a new hire to spend their first weeks at your office for training and meet the rest of your team in person. This not […]

Creative ideas for Home Offices

January 26th, 2016|Comments Off on Creative ideas for Home Offices

Telecommuting and operating out of a virtual office has become more and more popular with businesses today – especially for small businesses who cannot afford the monthly cost of a long-term lease in a traditional office environment. Finding creative ideas for home offices is important not only for function, but for style. For those who work for a business or even own a small business, finding that space or extra room for a home office is not always easy. Having to find or take up space that is already designated for another function requires getting creative on how the home office blends with the rest of the room or space. It might seem easy to find a nook to put a desk, but upon second consideration it might not fill your home office needs. You have to think of the other things you need for an office that you can […]