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Using a Broker to Find Office Space for Rent Toronto

After hearing about a recent interaction with a Toronto office rent prospect by one of Telsec’s office coordinators, I had to do some research for myself. It seems the prospect was given a price by an independent office space broker that did not match the price given to them by the Telsec office coordinator. The prospect found that using a broker to find office space for rent Toronto in a business centre was very confusing. The prospect even told the office space coordinator the name of the website they had first contacted (that had Telsec’s photos on their site), but did not know it was Telsec until the office space coordinator contacted them. The prospect had already found the Telsec website and arranged a visit before they filled out the form on the broker’s website.

I should first tell you that when using a broker to find office space for rent Toronto, the broker takes your information and sends it uninvited to a number of business centres. If the business centre rents the space to the prospect, the broker will demand a commission from the business centre. In this case, the prospect had already contacted Telsec before using a broker to find office space for rent Toronto.

Many business people will do their own search as well as using a broker to find office space for rent Toronto, so that they can maximize their search for Toronto office space. What they do not realize is that most office space Toronto locations do not voluntarily post their available office space on these broker sites. The information on the broker site has been taken off the business centre’s own website without their consent (even photos are lifted off the website). Because the brokers do not often update their information, it is often out of date (even many of the photos are out of date).

It is important that you should also do you your own homework before using a broker to find office space for rent Toronto, because some brokers will charge a search fee to you as well as a finders fee to the business centre. If the broker asks you for money, seek another broker that does not ask for money from you.

Be sure to also look at the Telsec website for Toronto office space.

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