It seems that almost everyone has a twitter account these days. Not only are people using twitter to keep up with their friends, they are now using it to keep up to date on things like the FIFA World Cup, news about the Gulf of Mexico oils spill, Paul McCartney’s birthday and now the Toronto Transit Commission will be using Twitter to keep people up to date on route problems caused by G20 protesters. Not to be outdone, even the G20 protesters are using Twitter for communications and propaganda purposes.

If you look at what is trending on google and twitter in North America, you would be shocked to know that more Americans are paying attention to the FIFA World Cup than the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Championship. The recent boom in attention for the game of soccer can be attributed to the founding of Major League Soccer in 1993 which was part of the United States’ bid to host the1994 FIFA World Cup. The League got more attention as more teams joined, but the big attention came when the Los Angeles Galaxy signed world famous football star David Beckham. The MLS signing of Beckham, had been seen as a coup for American soccer.

While the US team has yet to win a match at this FIFA World Cup, also yet to lose a match.  The two games that Team USA have played so far have both ended in a draw, the first game against England and then today against Slovenia. These two draws have them tied for second with England in Group C . One observation that I have made while traveling downtown to my Toronto office space, is the lack of US flags, in fact, I do not think I have seen one car flying the “Stars and Stripes“ flag of the USA.

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