Twas the night before Christmas (actually the day before) and the office was quiet. A few were still stirring, but most were out shopping for their spouse.  Ok I took some poetic license and tried to bring some holiday cheer to this blog.

I myself was shopping today, when I realized that I had one of my gifts at my downtown Toronto office space. I left the crowded malls of the suburbs for a trip down to my office.  As I was driving down the Don Valley Parkway, I noticed that traffic was quite light for a Friday afternoon. It seemed that my office space Toronto was not the only office that was closed today, a lot of companies must have closed yesterday. This was one of the most easy drives I have had on a Friday afternoon in a long time.

When I got up to the 18th Floor of The Toronto Star Building, it was very quiet and almost seemed empty. The main reception doors were closed but having keys and my 24 hour access pass, I was able to get down the hall to my Toronto private offices. As I walked down the hall I could hear Christmas music coming from an open door, it seems that the guy in the next office to me was wrapping his Christmas gifts in his office and enjoying some seasonal music while doing it. When I walked by, I wished him a Merry Christmas, but it was not him in his office.  It was a big man in a red suit and black boots, it was Santa Clause. Wow, even Santa Clause had an office in the same space as me. I guess he needs touchdown offices all around the world to keep the weight of the sleigh down. I wonder if he has an office at all of Telsec’s 650 locations?