It’s coming back and it’s going to be harsh. Thirty six to forty eight hours from the time this is written, the temperature is going to plummet and Toronto will freeze under the icy blanket of another polar vortex. In two days time, Toronto will be as cold as the Arctic. The cold snap is expected to last ten to fourteen days before it breaks. Here are a few tips to help keep you from breaking before it does.

First, please remember that Friday is Groundhog Day which, at that time, will probably mean one of two things to you depending on if you’re a half full or half empty sort. Those who are half empty will remember that the Mars-scape that faces them Friday morning will be their realities for the foreseeable future and be bummed. The half-full set, on the other hand, will remember that no matter what the groundhog sees, the important part of the message is, winter is going to end. So, you know, we got that going for us.

Second, please remember you live in one of the premier cities on Earth. At this exact moment, Toronto is one of the most interesting and talked about cities in the world. That notoriety brings the world to our museums and art galleries and concert halls. Toronto’s arts and music scene is booming, partly because many artists and musicians are finding work in Toronto’s film and tech industries. There is so much happening in this city it is impossible to describe the diversity but if you really want to hear a klezmer band while eating Greek food at three in the morning, you can probably do that here. Mind you, it’s going to be unspeakably cold at three in the morning.

Third, when you have to go downtown, please remember there is an underground city in Toronto and it’s huge. The tunnels stretch from Nathan Phillips Square on Queen St. to the Air Canada Centre near Telsec Business Centres at 1 Yonge St. and from Brooksfield Place east of Yonge to the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and the Convention Centre. The underground network is full of shops, restaurants, pubs, grocery stores, and virtually every amenity necessary to sustain human life in what would otherwise be a genuinely inhospitable climate.

This fourth point might be the most important one of all. Please remember the world is wired and for there is absolutely nothing keeping many of us fixed in place. Telsec is part of a worldwide network of over 600 affiliated business centres. Office or rental services at one location establishes protocols between office centres and often buys privileges at other locations. If the weather is too cold in Toronto, Telsec has an affiliated office space in Mexico, Panama, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Australia, and dozens of other places far warmer than here.

Telsec is conveniently located near an airport, the country’s largest train station, three major highways, and a direct link between downtown and Pearson International. Our virtual office services can make it sound like you’re in the next room. You probably have a laptop, a mobile phone or internet device, and a willingness to skip town until the vortex moves along. Did I mention we have affiliated office spaces in Hong Kong and that it’s about 24c there?