This past weekend I had to meet a client at my downtown office space to review a contract. If it was not for the subway being so close to my office, I would not have been able to make it to the office.

The city closed down the Gardiner Expressway this weekend for major construction, but also allowed some street closures on major arterial roads for festivals and other events. Trying to get around anywhere downtown or even across town was very difficult and draining on commuters.

Even Saturday night I had to help friends set up an event in the west end and then go back to the east end for my sister’s fiftieth birthday celebration, on to have to return to the west end for the event I started off at. Trying to get from Dufferin and Queen to Broadview and Queen was not easy or direct. Nothing was moving East or West on Queen Street, so I tried Dundas. Dundas was moving quite slowly, but it was at least moving. Traffic did not ease up until I got east of Yonge Street. Heading back, I took the risk of taking King Street, but it too was just as jammed as Queen. I actually found it easier to go all the way down to Queens Quay and past my office space Toronto.

After leaving the event a 3 A.M. I was happy to see that a great deal of traffic was off the road.  My real problem with traffic is not so much my patience, but because I drive a standard transmission car that causes my leg to get tired from  all that on and off of the clutch.