A recent study by the Toronto Board of Trade states “Toronto is a great place to live, if only you could manage to get to work”.

This study shows that Toronto commute times are getting to be the worst in the world. Of the nineteen big cities included in the study, The average Toronto commute was about 80 minutes. Not only is this 12 minutes longer than the average New York City commute, but it was 24 minutes longer than Los Angeles. New York and LA are the two largest cities in North America and both are notorious for their traffic and gridlock. The European city that is most known for its gridlock and traffic is Barcelona, yet the average commute there was 32 minutes shorter than that of Toronto. It should also be noted that Toronto even fell behind Montreal and London England in terms of commute times (between 4 and 5 minutes).

While the numbers do come from both transit and car commuters, they do not say much for our city traffic planners or our underfunded transit system. It is estimated that the gridlock and transit woes of Toronto, cost Toronto businesses $5 billion in productivity losses.

After reading this in the Toronto Star, I talked to my neighbour (who I have previously posted about his commute being sometimes 20 or 25 minutes longer than mine), he told me the longest part of his commute is once he gets off the Don Valley parkway and onto the Gardner Expressway and then onto the streets of the city core. Once I leave the Don Valley Parkway it takes me only 3 to 5 minutes to get to my downtown Toronto office space for lease. The more interesting fact is from my Toronto office space at 1 Yonge Street, I can walk to the core within 5 to 10 minutes (including to my neighbours office at First Canadian Place) During non rush hour times, I can take a taxi to his office within 4 or 5 minutes.

I also learned that the daily rate where my neighbour parks his care is over $20 per day, where I pay a daily rate of $10 or less for parking (depending on which lot I park in). In an average year, I would spend approximately $1500 to $2000 less than him on parking, let alone the large 50 or so hours a year that I would save on my commute.

The commuting hours and the parking costs are not the only savings when you chose a Toronto office for lease at Telsec, there are so many more cost savings that you have to investigate for your business…. I know my neighbour is investigating it.

I know I have not brought this up in a while, but I want to remind you that the coffee and tea at Telsec Toronto office space is always complimentary. This can also save you and your business several hundred dollars a year, and that is not including the productivity savings from having to go down the hall rather than having to spend the time leaving the office to go to the underground food court to get a cup of coffee.

Speaking of going down to a food court from your office, I wonder if someone will commission a study on the average elevator commute.