Today is the official 1st day of summer 2010, June 21, 2010 is the official first day of summer, it is also known as the “longest day of the year”. It’s the longest because this day is when the northern hemisphere gets the most sunlight of any other day in the year. However, this does not always mean that it is the hottest.

Now that summer is here, many people are not thinking of their downtown Toronto office space, but how to get away from it and to the cottage.

People who have office space downtown Toronto at Telsec Businesses Centres, know that they can escape the office and still have their calls professionally answered by the receptionist who will follow the instructions on their profile as to how they should handle the call.

If the client is going to be away from their downtown Toronto office space, they can update the office manager as to how their calls should be handled. If they want the receptionist to tell caller that they are away and they will be checking their voice mail, the receptionist would advice the caller and then transfer to voicemail. They could also instruct the receptionist to forward their calls to another number to make it appear as if they are in their Toronto office space.