I did not get a chance to chase after celebrities this year at TIFF, but many photographers did. What most of them did not realize is that throughout the year there are many celebrities who visit Toronto for other purposes.

Stars like Rob Low, Drew Berrymore, George Clooney, as well as directors like David Cronenberg and Henry Wrinkler, all made appearances.
Toronto is a place to film for many actors and actresses, even with the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, telling film makers to stop making films north of the border. This is the real reason the Governator did not come to TIFF.

Without Hollywood productions, Toronto is seen as a place to film high quality films.  Toronto is very well known for the high quality production crews and support staff.

Film production aside, Toronto office space at Telsec is also well known for hosting companies that want a great location and quality serviced offices Toronto. But more films seem to be coming to Toronto and many need temporary production offices while they film here. A great deal of film productions that want to be near the local film studios, chose to have there Toronto office space at Telsec.

With flexible office space Toronto options, many film office location managers want flexible office space options that are close to the various studios. Several new studios have opened along the Toronto lake front, that are easily accessible from Toronto downtown office space.

Toronto is Hollywood North and the governor of California can not stop that.