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There are Some Real Clowns in our Office Space Toronto

It seems that there are some real clowns in our office space Toronto. Yes, I am talking about the kind of clowns with red noses and big shoes. These are special clowns that will be marching this Sunday in the Santa Claus Parade.

For the past few years a few of our Toronto office space tenants have secretly been dressing up as clowns and have been part of the annual Santa Claus Parade as Celebrity Clowns. This year, they came out and told a few other office for rent tenants about this in a bid to recruit a one more person to join them.

Being a Celebrity Clown does not just take buying a clown costume and a pair of big shoes, it takes a lot of heart and love of people. Most people have no problems walking the almost 6 km parade route, but try walking that distance in shoes that are twice as long as your feet.

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Responsibilities: Social Media Coordination and content creation for companies like the Toronto International Bicycle Show. Outside of work for primary clients,work was done for smaller clients like branches of the Royal Canadian Legion designing and revitalizing web sites. Conceptualizing strategies for online and offline marketing as well as promotional activities for other companies.

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