This past two weeks I have been helping play tour guide for a gentleman from Australia. One of the things he wants to do during his last week in Canada is a High Tea. Upon a google search, I found that there are actual places in Toronto that do High Tea. What amazed me the most is that the King Edward Hotel on King Street and the Royal York offered these events.

This was great, because both locations were within walking distance from my Downtown Toronto office space. I could slip out to meet my friends for High Tea and get back to my office space in downtown Toronto, without too much effort.

Now I just have to choose which High Tea would be the best experience for the gentleman from Australia. I was still curious why someone from another commonwealth country would want to experience High Tea in Canada, when they have them in his own country. It did turn out that in his region of Australia, there were no places that offered a High Tea and he would have to travel 4 hours to get to one.  His feeling was that it would be easier to try one here, while he was staying 20 minutes from one in Canada.

What has made his trip here more confusing, but more interesting, is that he wants to visit uniquely Canadian tourist attractions. The CN Tower is no longer the world’s tallest free standing structure, but it was a few years ago. He did not want to spend the $25 to go up, but wanted to touch the base of it for free.

It was quite funny that I had to stop into my Downtown Toronto office space on Saturday to pick up some client files. My friend’s Australian visitor was more excited about the view of the Toronto Harbour and the Toronto islands from my office space Toronto, than the view they could have gotten from the CN Tower.

Maybe those other Toronto office space clients on the 18th floor of the Toronto Star building need to charge admission to their friends to look out their office windows!!