It was only last week that I watched the season finale of my favorite summer show “Big Brother”. I have another blog I will be writing about the ending and the Jury’s choice of Hayden over Lane as the winner of “Big Brother”.

One summer show (that I did not watch this summer) that ended last week was “Americas Got Talent”.  I only heard about that show from listening to the “Howard Stern Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio. The most interesting thing I heard about “Americas Got Talent”  is that they promoted the fact the winner would take home a million dollars, but it was the research staff of the “Howard Stern Show” that publicly outed the show when they discovered that the winner would receive $25,000 for 40 years. Had one of the older contestants won, they would not likely be alive long enough to collect their $1,000,000, they probably would have had to take the $300,000 buy out.  This is a lesson to anyone who thinks they will actually win a million dollars on a reality TV show.

Back to what I was started this blog about, the new TV season and the fact that it is the true sign that fall is here.  This week many of the new returning fall shows are starting or have already started. The one season premier that I have already seen is “The Apprentice”.

I think Donald Trump has come up with an amazing concept this season of “The Apprentice”. He has taken 16 professionals who have been hard hit by this recession and given them a chance to compete for a lucrative job within his organization. He is also giving those who he fired an opportunity to meet up with another top business executive for another chance.

I found that it was very interesting that the first task for the contestants was to design and set up modern office space in New York City. The teams could have saved themselves a great deal of time by researching office space New York on the Telsec website.

One of the people who won on a previous season of “The Apprentice” was given a chance to oversee the new Trump Tower Toronto Project, which offers luxury condos, a hotel and prestigious Toronto office space. This building is nearing completion and I do not know if “The Apprentice” winner is still on the job overseeing this project.