It was not just any Friday morning at my downtown Toronto office space, it was Royal Wedding day. People got to the office early to watch the royal wedding live on TV and over the Internet. Some people took it to a different level by dressing up and wearing funny hats.

When I arrived at the Toronto Star Building early this morning, I decided to first go to the cafeteria to see what breakfast special they were offering for the Royal Wedding. I was sadly disappointed that they were not offering bangers and mash until lunch time. I grabbed an English muffin from Tim Horton’s and went up to my office space Toronto for a complimentary coffee. Before leaving the cafeteria, I noticed that there were a group of women watching the Royal Wedding on TV wearing funny hats like so many of the women who were actually attending the wedding at Westminster Abbey.

Once upstairs in the Telsec executive suites Toronto, I headed for the kitchen to get a cup of my favourite and free coffee (hazelnut). The door to the boardroom just outside of the kitchen was open and there was 5 or 6 people sitting around a laptop watching the Royal Wedding and drinking their complimentary Tea along with enjoying some crumpets and jam purchased from the Kitchen Table across the road.

Throughout the morning, people were sending me links to photos of their own tea parties in honour of the Royal Wedding. One friend in Edmonton convinced a bunch of her friends to have a tea party with formal dresses and white gloves starting before midnight last night. The hilarious photos came from friends and family members who put tiaras on their pets and sent out the photos.

When lunchtime arrived, I figured I would go down to the cafeteria on the fourth floor and grab some lunch to bring back up to my office. Today’s menu consisted of items inspired by the Royal Wedding. First on the menu was the Royal Fish and Chips (which I could not figure out what made them Royal, did the Queen make them). There was Kate’s Bubble and Squeek with a whole egg baked into the top. I choose the Royal fish and chips and took them back up to my Toronto office space.

Evan as I drove home, they were talking on the radio about the all night after party going on at Buckingham Palace and that the Queen had opted out of the party in favour of a quiet night at Windsor Castle.