While spring officially arrived March 20th, it did not exactly feel like spring that day. The real signs that spring is truly here begin when you start overhearing people around your office space talk about going to a baseball game, spring cleaning, getting out on their motorcycle for the fist time since October or setting a 2 pm tee time on a Friday afternoon. What you do not expect to hear is someone mentioning making an appointment in April to get snow tires changed, especially living in Toronto (Really, you still have snow tires on your car? I don’t think I have even had any!).

Just last weekend was the Jays home opener. Friday night brought out 48,197 fans and 300 members of the media to the Rogers Centre. Most of the fans were there for the baseball, but a lot of the media (from New York) was there to watch the major league debut of pitcher Masahiro Tanaka from Japan. A few of our office tenants were at the game and talked about it Monday morning.

When I say spring cleaning I was not just talking about people in the coffee room talking about home spring cleaning. A few people were seen doing some spring cleaning of their offices cleaning out old files and sending them off to storage. Even some of our own staff have started to do some spring cleaning.

One of our virtual office clients who normally has his mail forwarded to him, showed up in his motorcycle jacket and boots. He decided to drive to the office to pick up his mail, so that he could ride his bike for the first time this year. He said that many people have had their bikes on the road for a while now. He loves his bike so much that he waits until April to bring it out because there is little chance of a freak snow storm.

Ah, the return of the golf season. Once golfers start hearing about courses opening for the season, they start to get golf spring fever – and plan the days they will be calling in sick. Not all of the courses around the GTA are open, which means tee times are in high demand. So, when someone in our office landed a 2 pm tee time on a Friday afternoon, you have to bet they would be talking about it and making sure the other golf enthusiasts know about it. Even though he could have the receptionist forward his calls to his cellphone while he was golfing, he instead left instructions to say that he was in meetings all afternoon.

If you think spring is exciting around our offices, just wait until summer arrives!