On Monday when I left my house to take the bus (yes the bus) to my downtown Toronto office space, my street was full of different coloured election signs.  There were red signs, blue signs and green signs, but funny no orange signs. Then when I went to catch the bus on Tuesday to again go down to my office space Toronto, the only signs I saw were red and there was more of them. When I reached the bus stop, the man behind the red signs was greeting people and handing out his literature.

It was only a week ago at a social networking event for the blue signs came under controversy because they kicked out two women who had pictures of them with the man behind the red signs on their Facebook profiles. Then there is a judge who is running with a red sign who seems to keep making controversial comments not only from the bench but also after making contentious remarks on a radio show about sex assault and jail time, suggesting not all sex offenders belonged in behind bars. The orange party is not without its controversy, it seems that during an all candidates meeting in Northern Ontario  an orange sign candidate made comment about the blue sign guys picture on campaign sign was a big target while debating the long gun registry. The only controversy that the green signs seem to have is their big green sign not be included in the leaders debates.

The politics of not letting the green signs to participate in the leaders debates is like the kids in the sandbox who do not want to give up their spot or the office politics where someone is not included in a conversation or meeting. Why should the light blue election signs who are only in one province be there and not the green signs?

When it comes to office politics, I have never seen it at my office for rent Toronto. This may be because the people who work from executive suites Toronto do not have the time for office politics and primarily are the sole occupant of their office space. The water cooler talk in the kitchens with complimentary coffee is usually light and about topics of interest outside the office. The only thing close to controversial I have heard in the kitchen was why the mens restroom was larger than the womens, the true controversy was how this woman knew that the mens room was larger.