Office Space Toronto red staplerAfter a month of planning and building the facebook app that would run the contest, the office space Toronto hunt for red staplers is now on! Everyone who can describe where the four red staplers are hidden on the Telsec website ( and enters them on our Facebook page ( contest, will be entered to win a pair of VIP Club Seats to the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto against the Seattle Seahawks. Nine additional prizes of special edition red Swingline staplers will also be drawn for.

Many people who have seen the movie “Office Space” will understand the significant s of the “Red Stapler”. It seems that this red stapler that belongs to one of the characters finds itself in various places in the movie in different peoples hands. When Telsec first started using Google Analytics, the webmaster noticed that people kept finding Telsec by using the search term Office Space, when in fact they were searching for the movie. The webmaster went out and bought a copy of the movie to watch it again after not seeing it for several years. His friends started to joke about the blogs he wrote and would often ask him if he had a red stapler on his desk at his “office space”, so instead of fighting it, he decided to embrace it and play up on it.

Telsec does not only offer office space Toronto, shared office Toronto, office for rent Toronto, they also offer Toronto virtual offices and Toronto meeting rooms for rent.  While the primary goal of Telsec is to rent physical and virtual offices, their focus is to help their clients succeed by offering affordable rents and money saving amenities. The capital cost savings by not having to buy or rent office furniture, office machines (like photocopiers, fax machines or telephone equipment) is worth the price of the rent.

So click on the home button of this blog and start finding the red staplers. While you are on the site discover more reasons why you should have your Toronto office space at Telsec.