Far too often, people who own or work for a small business do not enjoy that annual tradition of the company Christmas Party (or “seasonal gathering” for those more politically correct types). These types of events are not just a chance to celebrate a particular holiday. They are events to re-affirm comradeship with the people you work with.

While it is not that easy for a small business owner or an employee of a small business to have or go to a big event with a large number of people you work with, there are alternatives. Some small businesses will choose to network with other small businesses in their community or industry to have a joint party. This often works well for morale and satisfies the need to enjoy the company of others during a holiday gathering.

At Telsec, we understand the importance of a pre-Christmas gathering for small business owners and their employees. Each year, we host an office party gathering for all of our office tenants. The complimentary beverages and food are not just our way of thanking our customers – they are also our way of bringing our office space clients together to meet and mingle with other office space tenants for a chance to enjoy that holiday cheer.

This year, we will be rewarding one of our office tenants with a present. This long-term tenant has not only been a great tenant, but has also been an ambassador by telling others about the fabulous environment in which they have their office. Happy customers make for the best testimonials, and this client keeps telling his customers about the many services and perks he gets from Telsec and how happy he is with the personalized treatment he gets from our staff. So thanks Glen!

Looking forward to seeing all our office space tenants at 5 pm today.