Food giant Kraft Heinz thinks that the day after the Super Bowl should be a holiday and have decided to give all of its employees the day off. Kraft Heinz is not paying millions of dollars for a Super Bowl ad. Instead they have been advertising their petition in the weeks leading up to the big game and it is getting them a lot of attention.

Many of the points that Heinz makes are valid and make sense to business. According to CNBC, The Workforce Institute found in a January 2016 survey that 16.5 million people across the USA were expected to call in sick or planned (by booking the day off) to miss work on the Monday after the Super Bowl. Another 7.5 million told the surveyors that they might show up late to work at their office space. While there are no statistics for Canada, the proportions in percentages are probably about the same.

Before you going blaming millennials and Gen Z junior employees (those 18-34) for all the absenteeism, it is important to note that the survey also talked to management, that admitted that they too have been known to call in sick or plan to take the day off. Of those who surveyed that identified themselves as a boss or manager, 29% said they may miss work on Monday following the Super Bowl. The survey also said that 35% of those in management who have ever watched a Super Bowl, have missed work or shown up late to the office on the Monday following Super Bowl at least once.

So what are small businesses to do about the day after?

Forgetting the absenteeism or people showing up late on the Monday after Super Bowl, what is your company’s productivity like? You have a large portion of your staff that is either hung over from one too many drinks, or sluggish from eating one too many pulled pork sandwiches or hot dogs.

Tim Eisenhauer, the President of Axero Solutions and a workplace collaboration expert, says it could benefit employers to embrace the sluggishness and “nurse the hangovers.”

“Provide breakfast and turn the morning or even the entire day into a morale-building/employee-engagement/get-together/get-to-know-each-other-at-work day,” Eisenhauer suggests. “You could make it a day of fun and play, and bring in a comedian, a funny speaker, a musician, (or) a spread of food.”

One of Telsec Business Centres’ office-space tenants has instructed their employees to work from home like Telsec virtual office clients do, and answer their receptionist-transferred calls to their cellphones like they are working from the office. They further instructed hungover staff not to start working until noon. For their staff who have not partaken in a Super Bowl party and want to come in as usual, they are rewarding them with a half day off next Friday.

Of course these suggestions depend on your company culture and budget. But if you’re looking for a way to boost morale and soak up the hangovers, free bagels and coffee never hurts.