I was writing a great blog, then the power went out. This is not something I could blame on the G20 protesters or the near riots going on downtown Toronto, but it was mother nature that caused this power outage. The blog I was actually writing was about the disappointment I had with the protesters to keep their protests civil. Like many other Torontonians and other Canadians, seeing police cars on fire and stores being damaged was not something I would have ever expected to see in Toronto. What happened in Downtown Toronto was something you would have expected to see in some far off country.

I did not notice the protesters when I was at my downtown Toronto office space on Saturday, but after watching it on the evening news, I was happy that while my office space Toronto downtown, was near one of the hotels that had a security fence, there was no visible protesters.

It would have been nice to have a G20 war story, but then again it was great to be able to get to my office in downtown Toronto without getting pepper sprayed or accosted by protesters. Now I just have to worry about World Cup fans and their Vuvuzelas.

With England and the United States eliminated from the tournament, I have to chose if I am going to follow the Netherlands or Argentina. Then again, a World Cup final between Portugal and Brazil would be an interesting match.