I was not able to get tickets to either of the sold out shows with Charlie Sheen and Russel Peters. I did read some good reviews of Charlie Sheen’s Toronto show and some not so good reviews from the media, but was more interested in the reviews of people who attended. I finally found some reviews from attendees, they too were mixed. Some people wanted to see the show and be there when he bombed, they were mildly disappointed that it did not end in a total fiasco. Other people went to see how Russel Peters could help the show and they were very impressed. Then there were people who went just because it was Charlie Sheen on stage and were waiting for his controversial antics, they were ecstatic when Charlie admitted the first celebrity he “Banged” was his Ferris Bueller’s Day Off co-star Jennifer Grey. Whether Charlie bombs or is on his game, he and his fans seem to be #winning.

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