rent office space TorontoWhen I was a kid, the sign that summer was soon to be over was the opening of the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition). These days you’re reminded that the end of summer is approaching by the back-to-school commercials and sales. Even as early as the end of July, the commercials had started. Two of the funniest of these commercials are for Staples Business Depot. You know the ones – a father is dancing around the store to the song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Or the one where the little girl accuses Alice Cooper of lying in his song “School’s out Forever” and he corrects her by insisting it says “School’s out for the Summer.”

With the month of August comes the end of summer vacations and soon the beginning of the school year. This is also a time when home-based businesses realize that it’s time to get serious about getting down to business. August is also the best time to rent Toronto office space for September.

One of the first steps in getting serious about business is choosing to have a business address that is not your home address. Some starting businesses make the wrong choice and decide to get a P.O. Box, but this is not a prestigious business address. For less than the monthly price of a P.O. Box, you could have a Toronto virtual office mailing address. The best time to get Toronto office space or a virtual office Toronto is before the September rush of getting the kids back in the routine of school and studying.

rent Toronto Office SpaceOther small businesses prefer this time of year to look not just for a physical office space Toronto but a downtown Toronto office space, even if it’s a shared office Toronto or a semi-private office space Toronto. Having an office to work from rather than a home office usually means that you will be more productive away from the distractions at home. One of the biggest distractions working at home is when friends or family visit or call. They think because you are at home you can drop everything to entertain them or to talk to them. Other potential distractions at home are watching TV or multi-tasking by doing housework while you take a break from working. Then there are the noises that can pop into your telephone conversation with a client – the doorbell rings from a sales person or the Avon lady, the dog barks or the neighbours cut their grass.

Another reason this is the best time to rent Toronto office space in a Business Centre is that you do not want to make those large purchases – like office furniture or business equipment such as a fax machine or a photocopier. Also, meeting a client at home or at a coffee shop is not the most professional image you can present. You do not want to pay extra rent for a meeting room when you only use it once in a while, but you need access to one.

People calling your business at your office space Toronto should have their calls greeted by a professional receptionist who answers them to your specifications. When you are not in your office, you want to know that your calls will be handled per your instructions – you may want your calls sent to voice mail or forwarded to your cell phone or home office.

The best time to rent Toronto office space is now! You want to be able to choose the right office for your business before the choices are limited.