It is late Sunday night and I am out at a dinner with friends celebrating a special occasion when I got a call from a client. It seems that had accidently deleted a file containing some photos I took for them, and they needed to send the photo to their printer by 2:30 AM in the morning. The problem was that I had not taken my car to this celebration and it would take me too long to get home by public transit or even taxi, in order for me to get the photo to client so they could meet their deadline.

I remembered that I had copies of the photos on my computer at my downtown Toronto office space. My office space Toronto was only a few minute taxi ride from the entertainment district, so off I went. Even on a Sunday night it is not easy to get a cab in the club district, most of the Taxis were already in use. I finally caught one and was on my way to my executive suites Toronto.

When I got to the Toronto Star Building, I paid the taxi and proceeded to go into the building with my security pass in hand. As I was riding up the elevator, I realized that I did not have my Blackberry. I could not worry about that for the time being, I had to get the photos to the client. After finding the file of photos, I remembered that the number of the file they need was on my Blackberry, so I would have to send them the entire batch again. This was one of the times I was so happy that my office for rent Toronto had an amazing high speed internet connection. I was able to upload the 100 MB file in only a few minutes to my client’s FTP server. I called the client and they were able to extract the photo they needed and were able to meet their deadline.

With another happy client satisfied, it was time for me to head home. That is when I realized that it was not only my Blackberry that I had left in the taxi, but also my wallet. It seemed that in my haste to pay the taxi driver and to get my security pass out and handy, I had also left my wallet on the seat of the taxi. I had no idea of the taxi cab company or the number of the taxi license. How was I going to get home? Lucky for me I had a bunch of change in my pocket and there was a 24 hour bus a block away.

This morning when I arrived at my Toronto office space, there was a message for me to come down to the main security desk on the first floor. When I got to the security desk, there was a large envelope waiting for me. Inside the envelope was my Blackberry and Wallet. It seems that taxi driver discovered it and brought it back to the security guard on duty 10 minutes after I had left the building. I think with this kind of luck, I should buy a lottery ticket today.