Over the past few days I have been missing calls on my cell phone that all seem to be from the same number, a 1-866 number. I tried to pick up on the first ring, but I seem to miss the call regardless. A friend suggested that it was a telemarketing call that was using an auto dialer. Because I have Ring Tunes (callers hear music instead of ringing when they call me) that my cell phone provider recently offered me, the telemarketing auto dialer thinks I have answered before I did and the call ends. As someone who gets annoyed by telemarketers, this might actually be a good thing.

The problem was that the calls from this number kept showing up as missed calls. Finally after several more of these missed calls, I decided to call back the number to ask them to stop calling my number, as their auto dialler would never get through to me, because of the ring tunes from my cell provider. When the call was answered it turns out who was calling me was cell phone provider. I was greeted by a automated message that asked me to enter my phone number, when I did it told me they had received my latest payment and my next payment was due at the end of the month. I still had no idea why they were calling me, so I opted to try to reach a live operator. The operator did not know why their automated system was calling me if my payment had been received, she also had no idea that the automated system could not reach me beyond the ring tune.

This problem with my ring tune, started me thinking what other calls I might miss. Through some research I found that only auto diallers are affected by the ring tune and mainly telemarketers use these auto diallers. I have no problem if telemarketers are not able to reach me.

This also got me to thinking about call display on my phone and what would come up when calls were transferred from my downtown Toronto office space to my cell phone. So I contacted one of the helpful staff at Telsec to ask what number would come up when a call was transferred from my office number to my cell number. Lindsay the Toronto virtual office specialist informed me that the Telsec number would come up and thus tell me that the caller has called my office number and assumes that I am in my private office space rather than at home office or on the road. This is important because even when I am out of my office space Toronto, I do not want my clients to know this, unless I tell them I will be out of my Toronto Star Building office space.