When most people think of HD Action Cams, they think of those high-adrenaline videos they find on social media and video sites, but they do not consider the small business benefits or uses for this technology. We thought we would share some of the uses that we have heard about – ones not involving jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, diving off a cliff, riding down a hill at breakneck speeds or having to wear Scuba gear.

Consider that your small business creates custom orders for clients and they want to see the progress of the job. You can easily use one of these cameras to shoot production floor activities and quickly upload it and send it to your customer using your smart phone. This is something you cannot do with most traditional camcorders, as you must have access to a PC to share the footage.

Because of the tough construction of most HD Action Cams, you can take them into most environments and know they will work. This means that if your business is one that works outside all year round in all weather conditions, you are assured that your camera is safe and durable enough to capture the footage that you need.

The video quality of these cameras has been known to be used for company profile videos, product-in-use videos and even product testing videos. But far too often the users of the cameras forget that these cameras can also take high quality photos that can also be shared by email or on a company’s social media channels using a WiFi connection to a smartphone. These HD cameras often take a better image than the small camera that is built into a smartphone.

Because of the wide-angle lens on these types of HD action cameras, they can also be used to monitor the comings and goings in the office as time-lap videos of either production of the product – or to create “day in a life” type videos to give your customers a feeling of what your work environment is like on a daily basis. Some businesses even choose to use these cameras as a webcam when they want to create content for their website or video blogs.

The most import reason a small business could consider purchasing a durable HD action cam is that the price is lower and the risk of damage to the camera (that could be used by many different people in the organization) is much lower. As well, with the simplicity of these cameras, almost anyone can operate them regardless of experience.

Watch for more articles in the coming days and weeks talking about how technology can effect a small business – and more importantly help a small business to improve productivity and visibility.

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