office business centreToday is the day that the summer break is over for the kids and they go back to school. It is also this time of year that office-space vacancies at business centres that offer serviced offices are lower. This is because many home-based businesses and entrepreneurs realize that they can be more productive working outside the home – and that with the kids in school, they can get away from the house for several hours a day to dedicate to their business.

Small business owners working from home often find that their kids, their spouse and other family members don’t understand the concept of a closed door and get the feeling that they have no space in which to work uninterrupted. The refrigerator and television and other distractions are constantly beckoning them. It is not until they have the experience of a few hours a day without contant disruptions that entrepreneurs realize a more permanent and productive solution is to get a professional, well-managed office space away from home.

Back to school for the kids can also mean back to work for parents who are entrepreneurs or new small business owners. Entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have the budget to purchase office furniture or make other capital expenditures will often look at shared office solutions within an office business centre. This not only provides them with an office outside the home, but also offers them a professional business address and a professional receptionist to answer and screen their calls.

Loneliness is another reason that some small business owners and entrepreneurs seek office space within a business centre at this time of year. With the kids back to school and not wanting to over-compensate for being home alone (by playing loud music, visiting neighbors or running an excessive amount of errands that distract them from getting work done), they simply know they MUST move their office out of the home. Many of them are the type of people who thrive on the communal office energy that can’t be recreated at home. They also know they can be more productive in an outside office than they’ll ever be at home.

Other small business owners who want a little more privacy and a permanent place for files and other business related items will choose a semi-private that costs $350 per month and is only shared with one other person. Because most small businesses who choose semi-private offices are often looking for an office on a part-time basis, it is rare that the two people sharing the office will run into each other or occupy the office at the same time.

For the entrepreneur or small business owner that needs more privacy or seclusion, a small interior private office for approximately $150 more than a semi-private office may be the answer. This is especially true if the reason to get an office was because they wanted to get out of their home office and have the privacy that comes with a professional office environment.

While summer is not over, if there is a time of year to get your business into an office away from home, it is definitely now. When considering an office space for rent, be sure to visit a few places and take the rest of your day enjoying what is left of the summer and the warm weather.